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This area is a Local Editable Region. Local regions have page specific content. Once you log in, you can edit its content simply by clicking into it.

The actual editing happens via the MojoMotor Editor bar, which is a WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") editor similar to word processors such as Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. It is completely configurable, and features a wide range of options and tools.

You're an HTML pro with years of experience in building kick awesome websites for your clients. You have your own style, tools, and workflow. When the site is done, you want to empower everyday people to maintain their own site. Upload MojoMotor, and forget about it.

MojoMotor will work with any design, and allows you to build your sites the way you want to build them.

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MojoMotor is about empowerment. We want to empower you to shape Mojo. Found a bug? Please report it. Have a feature suggestion? Hit us up on the MotorMotor forums. We're here for you!